Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who WAS the President before George H.W. Bush????*

I haven't posted in a month of Sundays...literally! It has been a month since the last Sunday I posted. I've been to California twice since then, headed out there again on Wednesday, instead of going to Montana to the Quiltworx Retreat where I belong. I've been trying to help my 81-year old Stepfather, who has decided to give away the little bit of money he has to a bunch of scammers from Jamaica. I'm not sure if it is Alzheimer's or if he truly does believe he has won $2 Million and all he has to do is send in his life savings to get it. The few moments of quilting have been spent putting the binding on the red and white quilt.

We took him to the Dr. to have him declared incompetent to handle his financial affairs. Like when you call someone to work on your computer and it works perfectly, the day we took him to the Dr., he was 110% focused.  The title of this post comes from some of the questions asked to determine his cognitive ability.
"Who's the President of the United States?"
"Who was the president before that?"
"Who was the president before that?"
At this point, I was starting to think myself, who was the president before that? After thinking long and hard - Oh yeah, George H. W. Bush.  And glad I didn't have to answer the question... who was the president before Bush 41? 

* Ronald Reagan

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Leona is Amazing!

Check out Leona's step-by-step of how she is quilting Not Fast Food.  I'm really excited about the potential use of metallic threads:

TURBO QUILTER: Great CLIENT Quilts Inspire Me to Draw Original Quilt Motifs = A Lot of FUN#comment-form

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