Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back to quilting!

I'm trying so hard not to be worried...I know I need to let it go! Worrying doesn't accomplish anything...what will be, will be. Obama is as cool as a cucumber, while my blood pressure is off the charts! OK - letting it go. See...gone! Poof!

This photo is of me teaching a quilt class at my home...Hmmmm? Oh, OK - This actually is a photo of me sipping a Chocolate Martini...but we really did sew and we surpassed all our stated objectives for that day, AND I had a blast! Five of my sister Brown Sugar Stitchers came to learn how to make the Twisted Ribbon quilt...O.V. featured this quilt in her September newsletter and asked me to teach a class on how to make it. I can fairly comfortably fit five people into my sewing room when it's clean ("when it's clean"). We were joined by Cathy, Roz, Bessie and Marva. I made my world famous Apple Martinis, but no one wanted to try my Chocolate Martini...until they tasted it! I can't sew straight and drink, but my sisters can! And, no, I am not toasted...that's just the way I look with no makeup! You can see in the background that Roz and Cathy are actually working. Come to think of it, they were the two not drinking! O.V. took the photo on her cell phone. I can't wait to see the finished results of everyone's quilts! We're going to have show and tell in 2009.

Here's the recipe for the Chocolatini:

1 1/2 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. Godiva liquer
Whipped Cream and chocolate curl garnish.


Then last weekend I went to San Francisco for the O You are some photos from the Conference...

Regina, Me, Harriet

Harriet, Sandi, me, Ann, Barbara, Regina

The Queen...Oprah wasn't supposed to be there, but Gail talked her in to coming. She spoke at the end of the conference for about 30 minutes.

Me at the book store when I was supposed to be in a workshop!


Regina said...

Ok, how many Regina's are in your life? :)

Looks liek you ladies had a good time sewing. I hope no one spilled any on the fabric.

lenasdaughter said...

Hey Honey! You don't remember when we first met that I told you about my dear friend Regina with the same last name as yours! I'm surrounded by y'all!

We had a fantastic time sewing! O.V. has actually already finished hers!