Sunday, January 31, 2010


Netlingo's acronym of the day is AWLTP - Avoiding Work Like the Plague...which is what I'm doing today. I got behind at work last week and committed to spending this morning working on job descriptions and some other stuff. So this morning I thought, "I'll work on a shoe block, then start on the job descriptions" by 10AM. So I did the lace shoe and thought, "I'll just do this flat and start on the job descriptions by 11AM." It's now almost 12 and I really must go do those dang job descriptions. But not before I show you these shoes!

You know you want 'em. Actually, I have a pair of mules that look a lot like the lace shoe...I think I wore them once! I would go take a picture right now because I think I still have them, but really...I must go do those job descriptions!

Save the earth! It's the only planet with chocolate.


Regina said...

That madris shoe is my fav!!!! I am a fool for plaid.

Quiltina said...

I just LOVE those lacy pumps!