Saturday, February 09, 2013

Piecing people and applique people

In the world of quilting, I honestly believe there are two types of people...people who piece (me - sewing all the little scraps of fabric together) and applique people - people who apply little scraps of fabric to other pieces of fabric to make pictures of flowers or animals or people. I don't like applique, but I decided this year to challenge myself and try something new, so I bought a block of the month with fusible applique. Fusible is really cheating, because the pieces are already cut out and in this case, already have the fusible (sticky paper) glued on! Can't get any easier than that! So, I thought this would be an easy way to jump in to the applique world. I actually enjoyed this, and might take a step up to real applique next...maybe.

And for the record, I did try the Ricky Tims method of tearing the fabric for this block...and I don't like the result. The edges are wobbly and ironing them did not make it better.

I needed something easy to do after tearing paper out all week for the Feathered Star. I have talked before about how much I hate taking paper was really a pain with these small pieces. I have little pieces of paper all over the floor of my sewing room and I have tracked it all over the house.

And I'm teaching a paper piecing class at KiwiQuilts! We had 10 people sign up for the first class!

Tomorrow it's back to the shoe quilt. I am going to put the out side border on and get it basted down and start quilting it.

You're riding a horse at full speed. There's a giraffe beside you. And you're being chased by a lion. What do you do?

Get your drunk ass off the carousel...

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