Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild has an annual tea. You must wear a hat (What? No Gloves?) and there is a challenge. Last year, the challenge was to make a pincushion, and this year, the challenge was to do something related to tea. Postcard, wallhanging, my original idea was to make a beaded tea pot wallhanging, but I could see I wasn't going to finish in time. Lesa on the CQ list posted a Crazy Quilt teapot a while back, and I decided I could do that quickly, using the clip art pattern I already had and a block I had already started. It turned out smaller than I anticipated, and the teapot lid looks like a beret,'s done! Here's the inspiration teapot:

How do you like that real tea bag? Too clever!

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Rosie C. said...

You are soooo creative!! Congrats on your blog!!