Monday, July 28, 2008

Yay! I have finally finished a CQ block! Remember that thing about nicest of the nice? One of the ladies on the CQ list (Lori) has gotten an unexpected kidney transplant, and our first "Hearts and Flowers Showers" goes to her. All those who sign up will send a block to Lori with the theme of "Hearts and Flowers." Hope she likes it!

I made the center heart motif using a pre-programmed heart already in my Bernina. I thought about what I would feel like if I had received a new kidney, and the most profound feeling was gratitude. In addition to hearts and flowers, I wanted to shower her with blessings and joy! Congratulations, Lori! And if you want to know about Lori, check out her blog over at Lori does amazing cross-stitch work!

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