Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's been a productive holiday season. I finished piecing three UFO's ("UnFinished Objects" to the non-quilters), and I was feeling pretty good about that until today when I decided I needed to catalog my UFO's...I have 15 UFO's! And all of them are projects I want to finish...nothing that I can declare dead and move on. So, my next step will be to look at them and see what I can complete this year. When I first started quilting, I took every class that came my way...I finished stuff, but I didn't worry about finishing everything I started since I was skill building (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). As a result, I have 15 UFO's dating back to 2003!

So, during my little holiday break I finished a Christmas log cabin that was from a swap two years ago and a zig zag quilt that was my first sign-up class (after completing my beginner quilt classes). This was my oldest UFO, and now I only have one other from 2003. The Strips and Curves quilt is from a class with Louisa Smith in July, 2004. Here's the photo of the Strips and Curves...I'm about halfway through quilting it. I really like it! I'm not counting the Circle Bargello in those UFO's. I started quilting it, but decided to wait until January when I get my new Bernina!
I mentioned last time I posted that I had put my passport renewal in the it back by the next FRIDAY! It was definitely worth the $60 to not have to worry about it and to have it back so fast! And everybody LOVED the Obama postcard! I've had a few requests for a card, and requests for the digitized logo. I also played with the software over the holiday, and learned a lot about that, too! Oh - and I did finish my Carrie Steel Pitts quilt.
So I've got my quilting groove back! Getting stuff done again! 2009 is going to be a great creative year! Happy New Year to you, and wishing you a creative New Year!
Stitches and Hugs!
December 29th - 15 UFO's


Sandi said...

Happy New Year dear. Just wanted to let you know that I understand the tackling of the UFOs, this is usually my summer project; too many tempting swaps,lol. Love your circle quilt, beautiful colors.

lenasdaughter said...

LOL - I just left a comment on your blog! Happy New Year!