Monday, December 01, 2008

I voted for "That One"

My last postcard for a while...the deadline for the "Sistah to Sistah, Try Something New" swap, hosted by my friend Rosie Chapman, was in SEPTEMBER, for goodness sakes! I just could not get motivated to work on cards...totally burned out! The theme of this swap was to experiment and try a new technique that you had not used before. I tried several new techniques, but none of them were worthy. Might have had something to do with my frame of mind. So the "try something new" for me was to digitize the Obama logo (which I downloaded from his website, and which is available for personal copyright violation!) in my Artista software, and designed this postcard in the software. I FINALLY put them in the mail Saturday, along with my passport renewal (with additional expedite fees for my procrastination!). When I came up with the idea it was very current, but I think the recipients will still appreciate the sentiment. I couldn't resist the Sarah Palin "you betcha" dig! Visit Rosie's website to see her work at


Sandra Hankins said...

Hey Jeanette,

You're so funny.. I love this postcard! Just got home from South Africa several days ago. FYI, South Africans love Obama..almost as much as we do! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take care, Sandi

Regina said...

Ok, Sweetie,

I read the bottom line wrong and had to do a double take. I was thinking, boy that language doesn't sound like Jeanette. hahaha. Thanks for the Friday afternoon chuckle, whether you intended to give it or not :)

lenasdaughter said...

Oh Regina, you crack me up! I was trying to figure out what you thought it was, and when I did, I had to laugh out loud! Actually, your misread version might be more accurate! Thanks for your comment!

Kyra said...

WOW - I'm so glad to have an Obama postcard made by Rosie. I also think your design in on JAM!

Best, Kyra

O.V. Brantley said...

I absolutely love this postcard.