Saturday, May 22, 2010

What looks like neat on an ordinary day

I'm here to tell you why I am not neater...because I just finished cleaning up for an hour and a half. And not everything's put away. And I could have completely cut the strips for the bargello quilt and probably sewn a bunch of strips togther in that time. But it's as put away as it's gonna get, and I think I better get pictures up before I revert to my messy ways!

The top thrown over the back of the chair is my just finished project. It's a BQ pattern...goes together very quickly. I am about to return to the Wedding Star and I wanted to get the BQ Quilt out of the plastic bin.

And here's Al's pool room, back to normal, with all my junk out. I donated a bunch of magazines, and books, and kits, and rules, and fabric, and irons, and, and, and....I still have too much stuff, but, it's a start.

It's Oldies but Goodies day on the iPod...I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Thursday night with my neighbor and a group of her friends. They get together every month and do an activity, and they are a very welcoming group of women, and have invited me to join them. Afterwards we went to the OK Cafe for dinner - I had the Salmon Croquettes, Collard Greens and Cabbage with delicious cornbread muffins...while we were sitting there, "Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things," by Martha and the Vandellas came on. If I had been with a different group of women, we would have fallen out right there and probably all started singing. LOL! You know what I'm talking about! Anyway, I created a Genius playlist that is taking me back to the 60's. Right now listening to "You Better Stop Dogging Me Around," by Jackie Wilson. Brings back memories of Mom and her friends, drinking Bourbon and milk, and smoking.
"Therapy is extremely expensive...popping bubble wrap is radically cheap." Jimmy Buffett


Melinda said...

I envy your fabric wall. I am sure I have as much as that but it is not neat and easily accessed. I have started folding mine so your photo gives me hope.

Sandra Hankins said...

Wow look at you! Looking good! Happy stitching xoxo, Sandi