Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Back from my quilting retreat at Quiltworx in Montana - had a great trip, learned a lot, saw bears more up close and personal than I would like, and the people were as nice as they could be...even nicer!

Country Music and Fox news - check.
Sean Hannity - check.
Anti-President Obama ads with scary voice doing the commentary on Obamacare - check.
Double rainbow on the first day of arrival - check!

The photo is from Judy's retreat center, over Flathead lake on the north side. Not much better in life than a double rainbow! Joy, Joy!

On Tuesday, Judy was doing a demo, when one of the women looked out the window and saw two bear cubs coming up the driveway. She had her camera, but by the time the rest of us grabbed our cameras, the bears had gone on up the driveway, where our cars were parked! Never did see the Mama Bear, which is especially scary. Judy immediately locked the doors and ran upstairs...I thought she was going to get her shotgun! LOL - I don't even know if she has one, but that's what I thought! On Saturday, the bear cubs came back, again up the driveway.

Here's my project on the last day. I'm going to do this again, with different colors, especially since there are now papers for a queen size extension.

On Friday morning, I went for a walk with one of the other attendees, and this is the sunrise. Nice way to wrap up the retreat! Double rainbow welcome, gorgeous sunrise to depart! Montana is beautiful country. As I was driving up to Flathead, I was thinking that I could see why they call it "Big Sky Montana." And I am waitlisted to go back next year. Militia be damned!

I don't know about you, but I have thought about running away from home way more often now as an adult than I did when I was a kid.


Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Oh this is beautiful. I received her newsletter that they had added 2 more classes. I so want to go next year. Your project looks great. Do you go every year and when are you waitlisted. Seeing your post makes me want to step it up!

lenasdaughter said...

Thanks so much!!! I don't know what you're talking about step it up - you do amazing work!
Those two classes were filled within 10 minutes of adding them...even they were surprised at how quickly they filled up! She is planning on expanding the retreats to year round, so stay tuned to see more additions, but her calendar is booked through all of next year, so it won't be until after 2014. I'm waitlisted for the August 19th retreat, because the Mariner's Compass pattern comes out in March. I'm also taking a class with her at Quilting By The Bay in Panama City Florida in March of Next Year. re: going every year- She just started doing these in Montana in 2010...I had to cancel last year because my stepfather was ill,so this is the first time I've gone to Montana, and I definitely want to go back. The food was good, the area is beautiful, and with only 11 people, you get a lot of personal attention. Stitches!