Friday, December 21, 2012

RIP Audrey Thompson

My Sister-In-Law, Audrey Thompson, passed away in California on Tuesday.  My husband happened to be visiting, and was in the hospital with her when her spirit left this earth.  Although Audrey and I were not close, we always enjoyed one another’s company. She is survived by her daughter, Nicole, and grandson, Nicolas. 
While Al has been in California, thankfully, the Christmas holidays have kept me busy. My book club shared gifts at our meeting. I embroidered these guest towels as my gift:
"Dear Santa: Define "Naughty."  You can't see the white dove in the second towel.
For O.V.'s Christmas party, I made a Christmas ornament:
Brown Sugar Stitchers held our Christmas luncheon last Saturday. The highlight for everyone was the male in our group, who goes by  the nickname Sugar Bear. Bessie says he was sharp as a rat turd, which is not a disparaging comment, but a compliment! Apparently, rat turds are sharp at both ends. Gotta love that tie and gotta love that pocket scarf! And the top hat!

 I still suck at Y seams.
I have to figure it out, though, because this quilt is nothing but Y seams!
Y didn't I notice that before now????
Dear Santa: I've been good. (Mostly)

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