Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today is the last day to legally say "Happy New Year!" At some point, and the New Year Police have declared it to be today, the year is no longer new. Here are my resolutions:

This year I resolve to:
1. Try new things
2. Grab life by the bottle
3. Have more adventures
4. Laugh every day
5. Go big or go home
6. Eat more chocolate
7. Drink more wine
8. Shake my tail feathers
(Not necessarily in that order.)

I should add, 9. Master Y seams. Jesus, Mary and Oprah (as Jack on Will and Grace would say), I cannot do Y seams to save my life. There's a great video online on YouTube (btw - anything you want to do ever in life has a video on YouTube. Just Google whatever it is "invalid Sim Card on iPhone5" and you will get a link to the video.) that I have been studying so hard, and I thought I had it, but apparently not. I've been working on one block for the last four hours! That is just wrong! Time to take a lunch break, give my brain a rest, and take the wreaths down from the front door.

Love the people who treat you right...
Prey on the ones who don't...
Wait, no, it's pray FOR the ones who don't...
Yeah, that's it!


Regina said...

WOW! What a list. I want to give up soda and walk more but I wouldn't mind switching them out for your #5 & #7.

When I first started quilting I did a quilt full of Y seams, I didn't know they were supposed to be hard! Now I slowly circle around them waiting on them to pounce on me!

lenasdaughter said...

Happy New Year, Regina! Definitely walk more...you want to be around for the girls. But shaking a tail feather is just as good as walking. re: Y seams - I laughed at your comment, because I've done a quilt FULL of Y seams, but like you, I didn't know they were supposed to be hard. Judy Neimeyer's aare especially hard because not only do you have to do the dang Y seam, but you have all these lines that have to match up coming out of it.

Happy Quilting My Friend!