Thursday, January 09, 2014

An Acquired Taste

I always ask Al for input when I want an unbiased, layman's opinion. He has a good eye for color and what "doesn't look right," and he gives it to me straight, no chaser. Which is why I never ask whether or not an outfit makes my butt look big.

On the 26th, I'm taking an 11-day quilting cruise on Holland America, and taking classes with Paula Nadelstern.  I have been a long time admirer of her work, have all her books, just haven't completed any of her designs. No good reason, just haven't. For the cruise, there's a challenge where you have to complete a block with the theme, "Under the Sea." The block can be pieced, appliqued, whatever, and has to use a specific piece of fabric. The winner of the challenge gets all the blocks.

So fish are "Under the Sea." I asked Al what he thought of this block and he said, "What's it supposed to be?" "A fish!" "Yeah, it's all right. I guess it's an acquired taste." I laid out laughing! Like caviar!

In machine embroidery, there are two types of people...those who do a stitch out (practice) and those who wish they had. I actually am not in love with this block...this is my practice run. I will do it again with a different background fabric, and change up some of the thread colors, and submit one or the other.

In alcohol's defense, I've done some pretty dumb stuff while completely sober, too.


Livin' Blue Quilter said...

I work for an ocean conservation organization so I love all themes oceany...and I love fish. I like it but look forward to seeing the new design. Paula Nadelstern is wonderful. I took a kaleidoscope class from her when the first book came out. I too have all of the books, but I also have all of her fabric lines. Please blog after you take the class...I am so jealous:0)

lenasdaughter said...

How cool! What a great job! I'm a Pisces, so I love all things fish! I wish I did better appliqué - in my mind, I see an underwater scene with a mermaid and starfish...but no way can I transfer that to reality! Don't be jealous! You've ALREADY taken a class with her! Hugs!