Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Made For Walking

Those under the age of 30 (40?) have no idea why this boot quilt has that title - LOL!  The Brown Sugar Stitchers have an exhibit at the Douglasville Art Center from January 25th through February 24th, and this is one of my entries. I haven't quite finished putting the binding on because I made a small (ha!!!) mistake...after I finished the boot, I measured from the top of the boot then from the bottom of the boot and cut it, but I forgot about the cuff! When I put the cuff on, the space from the top of the cuff is less than from the bottom of the boot. Ooops! So I'm looking at it now to try to think of what I can do to turn my lemons into lemonade. Thinking....(that's what the smoke is.)

I don't have a Twitter account, so I just go around announcing what I'm doing at random times...I've got three followers so far, but I think two are cops.

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