Thursday, December 31, 2009

Angels Amongst Us

I learned today that Lorna lost her valiant battle against breast cancer this morning. When I was in Arlington earlier this month, I visited her in the rehabilitation center. She was so happy to have been able to stand for 4.5 minutes in physical therapy that morning. She spoke of getting stronger and when she would be able to leave the hospital and come back to work. As a result of her hope, I had hope, and fully expected her to get better.

Lorna kept a positive mental attitude throughout her ordeal, and often said that if her suffering motivated just one person to get a mammogram, it would be worthwhile. I am happy that I shared time with her on this earth, and she truly left footprints on my heart. Rest in peace, Lorna.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die...
Thomas Campbell, "Hallowed Ground"


Sandra Hankins said...

Jeanette, Thanks so much for the previous post regarding Lena. So sorry to hear about your lost. I'm not sure if you know that I lost both my mother and sister to that dreaded disease; and I'm quite involved in the efforts to spread the awareness of breast cancer and prevention. Thank you also for your kind words in the post regarding the Journey book. As you can imagine, I'm very excited about that. Have a great New Year and perhaps this year we can connect in Houston at IQF. Blessings, Sandi

Regina said...

I am sadden to read about Lena's passing Jeanette. I am so sorry.