Monday, July 05, 2010

19 is less than 20

Just saying that I had 20 blocks to go was discouraging, so I had to get down to a number with a one in front of it, not a two! This block was soooooo hard. When you look at all those places that have to line up, you can see why. I still see one place where I am going to have to unsew.

As a weekend quilter, days off mean a lot! So I intended to spend today getting the number down to 18, but it wasn't to be. Spent all day working on computer issues.

I know I said that I was going to call this "Not Fast Food," but this is feeling like Aurora Borealis. What do you think?


Regina said...

I think it is lovely! I am really starting to love those fabrics.

Sandra Hankins said...

I think it's a beautiful block also. This would take me several weekends to get it right.

lenasdaughter said...

Two of my favorite people! So good to hear from you both! Gina hope you are well. Those fabrics are yummy, and this photo is really true to life.

See you in November, Sandi!