Sunday, April 03, 2011

Halfway there!

12 down, 12 to go!  The blocks are definitely getting harder...way too many places to match up. After ripping these seams out about 3 times, I finally came up with the idea of using my walking foot. Duh!  So the problem is that even though my piecing is accurate, fabric shifts and stretches and pulls...and in some of the places where there are 12 pieces of fabric intersecting, the feed dog pulls the bottom fabric away from the top at an uneven rate.  Using the walking foot moves the top and bottom layers along at an even rate.  I mostly use my walking foot for putting on binding; never thought about it for piecing.

Never do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics.


Ms. Sharon's Quilt Shop said...

Hi Jeanette, we met at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago a couple of years ago. I have been following your blog for sometime. I must say that you are extremely brave with the projects that you select. You can tell that you love the challenge. Your work is absolutely great. Thanks for sharing.


Regina said...

At least you are one step ahead of me in using the walking foot! I use mine only for staight quilting and have just discovered that it is a God-send for putting on binding! I am slow but teachable!