Saturday, April 30, 2011, not the movie...

Seven blocks to go! 

Apparently I have sewn so much that I have worn my sewing machine out! I had to take it and the 830 back to the sewing machine hospital. I was not at all happy with the sewing machine hospital...we do seem to have a love hate relationship, don't we?  I'll start to think they're OK and then they'll go and do something else. It is absolutely my fault that I didn't bring the 830 back in right away after I had it serviced and it wasn't sewing properly.  When I told the service manager that I had not been able to get the tension to sew correctly, she found the original service slip from January and said they will have to charge me AGAIN to service it. I said if she looked at the stitches she could see that I had not sewn on it since I had it back, but she said they don't keep that record and it doesn't matter anyway. Actually, I think the machine records service record and stitches...I'll have to check. I may or may not make a fuss...I'm excellent about voting with my feet, although Bernina makes it really hard to do that. There's no other dealer in the greater Atlanta Metro area, which is why I keep going back there. We'll see.

I played around with how to lay this out:

Actually - truth, truth - I'm getting bored, and I was trying to play around with different layouts to see if I could stick a fork in this and call it done.

I went to the ECQG night meeting for the first time Thursday night. It was very nice and the people were friendly. The speaker was Margaret Miller.

There ain't no answer, there ain't gonna be any answer...there never has been an answer...there's the answer.
Gertrude Stein

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