Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freakin' Rock Star From Mars

I made it under the wire with my entries to the East Cobb Quilt Show. I did not finish the shoe quilt, wasn't even able to get it to a point where I could pretend it was a quilt. So I have two entries this year: The Amazon Star on the left and Not Fast Food. The Amazon Star needs some work, as it is not quilt show worthy. It has the World's Biggest Feathers (tm), and I have to try to figure out how to fill them in.

And I finished piecing Not Fast Food...

I took them to the Post Office at 4:45 and told the attendant that I needed them postmarked today!  to which he obliged. Having sewn for hours every single day for the last couple of months, I am now going to work on the Brown Sugar Stitchers Treasurer's Report, and then, bed.
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Regina said...


Try for inspiration to fill that feather spot.

lenasdaughter said...

Thank you, Ms. Gina! Al really likes it, which surprised me, because he didn't like it when it was coming together. Thanks for the link to the free motion quilting blog - I follow it! See that link over on the right? Right now I'm thinking of filling in with feathers, but might do something different. Thanks for the suggestion! Hugs! J