Sunday, June 05, 2011

Still working on it...

Sashing on all the rows, everything all lined up, pieced border pieced...I should finish it up by Friday.  I was hoping to finish it this weekend, but piecing the border took longer than I thought, and making sure that all the blocks are lined up is going to take longer than I expected.  I didn't get started on it until about noon today...our sprinkler system is out and I had to hand water all the new landscaping we put in last year. We've had mid-90's weather for the last two weeks, so no water has really started to take a toll on the plants.  I have a jillion hydrangeas.  Which just for the record, I have never liked. Don't ask me why I let the landscaper talk me into them. 

"I'm from Georgia where the tea is sweet and accents are sweeter. Peaches are the ladies. Summer starts in April. Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable. BBQ is the state food. Y'all is a proper pronoun. Chicken is fried. Biscuits come with gravy. Everyone is Honey. Someone is always getting their heart blessed. And we are all "fixin" to do something.” Jerome Cade


Regina said...

I am lovin' that pieced border!!!!!

P.S. Do I owe McDonald's a nickel for using the above phrase?

lenasdaughter said...

Hey Gina! Thanks for stopping by and your comment on the pieced border! It was supposed to be made from leftovers, but I didn't have many, and those miter seams take up a lot of fabric. And no you don't owe McDonald's any money...we were saying "I'm loving it" long before they decided to use it in advertising. Like Martha Stewart stole "It's a good thing."