Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paper Piecing

100% of the quilters surveyed (me!) love the sharp points and intricate designs you can get with paper piecing, but hate taking the paper off. Not only is it a pain, but it's messy. I started taking paper off last night at 7, finished at 11:30, only took the paper off six blocks and I have a million little pieces of paper on my sewing room floor. I started out trying to put it in the trash can, but that little extra motion was taking up time, so then just started dropping it on the floor. As I was sweeping it up, I decided to share, because 85% of the people who read this blog want to see my messy sewing room floor.
Back at it this morning, but I have an appointment for a facial at 3, so I can't work on this all day today. 
79% of all statistics are made up.


creativedawn said...

LOL! I LOVE your statistics! That quilt is
G - O - R - G - E - O - U - S ! I love paper piecing!!!


Regina said...

I hate taking the paper off of paper pieced blocks. I made my cousin a quilt last spring as a gift for h.s. graduation and it had over 1,000 paper pieced half square triangle units. Every time I see that quilt I roll my eyes at it!

lenasdaughter said...

Thank you, Ladies! I love paper piecing too, but Gina, I am starting to look at this quilt cross-eyed. I'm going to sign off in a minute, and hopefully I can finish it tonight! Glad I already did that pieced border, because otherwise, I would just put a plain border and call it finished.