Sunday, July 08, 2012

It worked! Oh, and so will I...

For ages, I have been trying to dye fabric the color I want for the border of the shoe quilt. I have been painting by hand with Lumiere sparkle paint, with Vanilla Spritz, and I couldn't get the consistency that I wanted. Then it occurred to me that maybe I should try to spray paint the fabric. I got an airbrush, but it kept jamming. I decided to try a different model of the airbrush, and it worked! Perfectly! Sparkle!

I was a saving fool on Friday. I went to Joann's where I used my 50% coupon for some storage containers (my UFO's are out of control again!) and they gave me an additional 20% military discount for the 4th! (Thank you, Dear Hubby, for your service to our country). I decided to let my fingers do the walking, and found the airbrush online at Michael's, found a store in Acworth, downloaded their app where there was a 50% off coupon, but surely they wouldn't let me take 50% off an airbrush sprayer? Oh yeah, they did!

And then I worked on the four Cattails...those stems are a pain!  Although it did go faster this time!

Loved having Friday off! :) The reason we are even discussing "Friday off" is that I am working part-time until September 30th. So my schedule will be part-time, four days a week, Fridays off. Restart the countdown clock!

In case of emergency, please exit the building before tweeting about it.


bernie said...

Wow - you work on some intricate quilting pieces. Love them. This looks like a Native American design to me. Love your blog. Bernie

lenasdaughter said...

Thanks so much, Bernie! I do like a challenge, but after I finish this quilt, I'm going to do a jelly roll race quilt. Have you seen those? Check it out: