Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oooh, I forgot about this one...this was my favorite postcard...it was my "C" - is for Circles. Drawing these circles was too much fun. The green and rust stripes are actually left over from a border for my Batik Sun Dance quilt. Way to use up those scraps, Girlfriend!

This was a frustratingly fun card to do...the theme was Abstract, and this is "In the Style of Mondrian."
Speaking of using leftovers, this card is from an "Orphan blocks" swap. The idea is to recycle blocks which are leftover for whatever reason, and these are leftover from a "Stripes and Curves" quilt I didn't finish. So maybe technically they are not orphans? We were talking about "Honkin' Orange" on the CQ list...aren't these pretty? How could you not love Orange????

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Regina said...

I am in an orange phase so I am lovin your orphan block BUT like you said, it is not an orphan because you haven't completed the top.

Truly gorgeous fabric!!

Do you get to keep your postcards or do you swap them. I really like how creative you are with your themes for each letter. Keep em comming. What was A & B? I got C for circles.