Sunday, June 08, 2008

This postcard took waaay too long to doesn't look like it, but it did! This wasn't my original design, but the original design didn't work, so after playing around with it, here's where I ended up. This is for the Black Music Month swap for the AA Quilters. My chosen topic was Nina Simone. Yes, that is Nina Simone! I loved that coquettish pose, very different from the usual photos you see of her. My original design was the usual side shot of her stunningly beautiful profile, and I was going to make a fabric head wrap to give it a 3-D effect, but it so did not work out. I did use that photo on the back, but I can't show it here because the address of the recipient shows. OK - on to the other 4 I have to finish! And have I done anything for Morocco yet?

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